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selling electronic hookahs also known as eHookahs. We are located in Houston Texas, and have been serving the electronic Hookah market since 2009. We offer most of the popular eHookah brands such as: Fantasia eHookah, Luxury Lites eHookah, Smooth eHookah, Star Buzz electronic cigarette, Hi-Tech eHookah, and Blacklight electronic Hookah. We carry all flavors such as Smooth Watermelon, Fantasia Magic Dragon, Luxury Lites Strawberry Daiquiri, Fantasia 4play, are some of our most popular flavors. eHookah has become a very popular product in the last few years due to the growing demand for a portable non toxic smoke anywhere Hookah. We offer nicotine free eHookah as well as low nicotine.


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